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Geotargeting : Simple & Easy

Geotargeting is a tool that is essential nowadays, We live in a diverse world, where all people can be put into different groups depending on there habits and interests. One of the most natural ways to group people is by location. People come from different countries, speak different languages, have different currencies, and have a different cultural expectations.

How can you use your existing infrastructure and marketing efforts to serve such a large audience? How can you make sure that your traffic is really getting the most relevant content leading to higher number of sales and conversions.

The answer is geo-targeting.

What is Geotargeting?

Geo-targeting is an active response to a user’s geographical location. Once a site or a platform determines a visitor’s location based on their IP address, Wi-Fi, or GPS data, content specific to that location is delivered. This location can be a country, state, city, and more.

Simply Geo-targeting is a method, that matches visitors to their country of origin and shows the correct content and affiliate links to them.


  • If you have site visitors from different countries, then Geo-tracking should be used.
  • With affiliate marketing this is a very good way to increase the conversion rate and the number of sales.

Why using Geotargeting in your online business will increase your sales and conversions?

For most sites, visitors do not only come from a single country. When you check your website statistics you will find that your site attracts visitors from different countries around the world. So for example a website built to attract mainly UK visitors could also get visitors from Europe and even the USA and Canada.

You will of course have used a UK affiliate link to target your main visitors. But what if you want to also have an appropriate affiliate link, for visitors outside your main country of origin?

So, at the end of the day you will be making more sales and gaining more profit from all the traffic that is getting to your website or clicking on your links from all the countries around the word.

Geotargeting use cases examples:

Different languages:

Match the page language to the visitor’s country of origin.

For example, visiting from France redirects to their directory, and the language is French. Finding the language change icon is fairly easy at the bottom of the page.

Geotargeting use cases Facebook

Match Local Currency

Experiment with another currency based on a region or country. You may want to keep it simple and try it on one popular product or landing page. Measure sales in combination with location – are the conversion rates any different if you display the currency of the visitor’s country? does this well by displaying a wide variety of currencies for the products on sale. Here is a search for “Star Wars” jewelry from London, note prices are in GBP:


And the same search from Brazil shows the prices in BRL:


Optimize your Links Based on the average monthly income in each country

Different countries around the world have different Average monthly income, for example the average monthly income for a citizen living in the United States is 7,900 USD on the other hand the average monthly income for a citizen living in India is 440 USD. So let’s say you are promoting coffee making machines and that product costs 480$ and you started sharing your affiliate link on social media and in your article or your YouTube video description box.

The Following link is an Excel Sheet showing the average monthly income in all countries around the world:

amazon Geotargeting
480$ Coffee Making Machine

Let’s say after three months you started looking at the analytics of your sales and conversations and you found that the audience that is coming from United States is making sales But the audience that is coming from India is not making any sales. The reason for this is the fact that the average monthly income for a citizen living in India is 440 $ and this product costs 480$. so In this case you have a audience from India that want to buy a coffee maker but this price is too expensive.

Now for the fun part, instead of losing that traffic that is coming from India you need the optimize your link using geotargeting So any one clicking on the link from India will be redirected to more cheaper option from the same brand that you are promoting, like this $45.89 coffee maker machine.

amazon Geotargeting 2
$45.89 coffee maker machine

Now with this price it’s more likely that the audience from India is going to buy this product since this product is cheaper and affordable. At the end of the day you will be making more conversion and gaining more profit.

You can apply this concept for any product or service you are selling. offering the right products and services with the right price based on the average monthly income is a great way increase conversions and sales.

How To Apply Geotargeting on Your Links (Tutorial) !!!!

1- You need to subscribe to a link shortener service (clever Links)

there is a lot of link shorter services online that you can choose from. I am running my own service called Clever Links, I believe in providing Great Value For The Best Price. Anyway you can signup for A FREE TRIAL so you can test a practice using Geo-Targeting.

Clever Links Short Link

2- Shorten The Original Global Link

we will use the coffee maker machine from amazon from use cases examples in this tutorial.

we will shorten this very long link from amazon

To this Short easy link

Clever Links Short Link 2
Clever Links Short Link 3

3- Add Second link to specific country using Geotargeting Tool

Click on the Edit icon under the short link and you will be taken to a URL Edit Panel , In the Geotargeting data section Choose the country and copy the second link

Clever Links Short Link 4

That’s it now any one clicking on that short link will be directed to the original product link But if someone clicked on the link from India he will be directed to the second product.

Conclusion to Increasing Conversions with Geotargeting

Testing geo-targeting is simple and beneficial to most websites, advertisers, and publishers, as well anyone using PPC campaigns or SEO. Not only does it enable you to match the most relevant content to your visitor, but geo-targeting is also a great way to experiment with conversion rate optimizations. I’ve presented a few ideas here, but the options are virtually limitless.

Do shoppers in Alabama respond to the color red, while those in Pittsburgh prefer yellow and black? Does showing Spanish language ads improve conversions for ads in California? There’s only one way to find out — test it.

Take advantage of monitoring tools that allow you to browse from different countries worldwide to better understand your competitors. You might discover opportunities to make your conversions soar.


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