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SMS Marketing : Writing the Perfect Text

I am going to tell you about a marketing strategy that has 98% open rate within the first 3 minutes of sending the ad. A marketing strategy that has high return on investment with 29% lead generation and 14 % conversion rate. A marketing strategy that makes you sure your  customers are seeing and paying attention to your message This marketing  strategy is SMS marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

simply SMS Marketing is sending bulk SMS messages to people in a certain locations or  targeted by niche so you can promote your services or generate leads or get traffic to your website.

sms marketing is extremely versatile and works in any industry. You can send all kinds of messages to your customers via text  including promotions, giveaways, contests, appointment reminders, shipping updates, event invitations, surveys and much more.

so it’s clear that sms is a lucrative marketing channel and a great way to  engage your audience but creating your first text campaign can be a little daunting here are Three Goals That you need to achieve to create the perfect message for your campaign.

The Three Goals That You Need to Achieve to Write the Perfect Message

1. OPENED: Make sure to brand your text message

So the first thing you want to include in your text message, is the business or organization name, The main reason to add the brand at the very beginning is to ensure your customers see a trusted name in their Messages List (the window they first see when they open their app) to open the message to continue reading.

You never want a consumer doubting, who’s text messaging them and then they may not even click on the message, which then doesn’t give your brand the opportunity to market to them.

2. READ: When writing a text message Get to the Point (WRITE THE OFFER FIRST)

After you’ve introduced the brand, it’s critical to get right to the point! Provide a strong offer right away. You want to get your customers’ attention immediately. By doing this, you’ve given them a reason to finish reading the text. 

After that, you want to include the exact ways to redeem this offer – in-store or online. If it can be redeemed online, make sure to include any relevant coupon code or a link to click-through to the offer page.

3. ACTIONED: Create urgency in your SMS Marketing texts

Creating a time-limited event is a great way to create a sense of urgency in your customers. It’s not enough to get them to open and read the message, but we want them to take action. So tying any coupon or offer to a 24 Hour Sale will increase the probability of your customer going to the physical store or online to redeem the offer.

Always use your branded URL when adding a link to a text !!!

By identifying the link you send, rather than an unknown web address or shortened URL using public domain as noted above, the customer will have confidence that the link will take them to a trusted location. It also increases engagement and the click-through rate. Seeing your company’s name in the URL gives them confidence that they’ll find the information they’re seeking.

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The following Step By Step Tutorial will teach you how to do it

Download 10 SMS Marketing Examples \ Templates

4 Kinds of Texts for Marketing and Promotions

1. Sign up to link shortener service that support using Custom Domain / Branded Links

You can sign up For FREE 5-days Trial at our service Clever Links.

OR You can Watch our YouTube video about SMS Marketing and join the giveaway to directly get Free 30 days premium account.

SMS Marketing - Short links
SMS Marketing - Short URLS

2. Go To your domain setting page and create ( A record) pointing to the link shortener server IP.

SMS Marketing - Custom domain

3. Go to the custom domain tap in your link shortener account and add your domain.

SMS Marketing - branded links

4. That’s it !! Your domain will show on the dashboard and you can use it to make short links to use in SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing - custom domain links