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URL Shorteners: The Power of URL Shortening Services

URL shorteners (BitsyLinks): What are they?

URL shorteners or link shorteners are services that can transform very long links into a short and manageable links. Very easy and simple. The question now is, are URL shorteners worth the hustle? Let’s start with our journey to explain the power and the uses of these services.

In this awesome article, we will see the power of the URL shorteners. We will take a look on how these services can help our online business. We will also check an excellent URL shortening service, our own BitsyLinks. So fasten your seat belts and let’s dig together in the details.

Benefits of URL Shorteners

Below are the top reasons why you should always shorten your long URLs.

Manageability and Simplicity

Now let’s suppose you want to promote an amazon product. Take a look at the below two links. Which of the two links do you think is more simple?

URL Shortener example
Long URL from amazon
URL Shortener example
Short URL Using BitsyLinks

These two links are both the same link. I have shortened the first link with custom words using BitsyLinks  (we will get to that). This has made my link very short and simple. And who doesn’t love short and simple links? I bet you did not enter many links before just because they were too long and distracting.

Adding to this, a lot of websites like Quora and Facebook doesn’t allow sharing affiliate links and will consider these long links a spam so using URL shortener with splash pages will help you to avoiding this problem.

Link Tracking in URL Shorteners

Another very important advantage of the URL shorteners is that they allow you to track your links. Let’s go to BitsyLinks and show you what I mean.

This is the same link I used in the above example. I opened it 4 times. You can check below all the details about those clicks.

Link Tracking in URL Shorteners
Total Number of Clicks

Not only it shows you the total clicks number, but it shows you several other useful data. It shows you from which countries people are mostly clicking your links and what devices they are using.

Link Tracking in URL Shorteners 2
Top Countries and Devices

Not only that, let’s suppose you are now running a marketing campaign. You added the links in your email marketing campaign and on your social media.

BitsyLinks can show you from where did the clicks arrive, so you can run better marketing campaigns targeting your best audience.

Link Tracking in URL Shorteners 3

Build Custom Audience Using Pixels

Let me first explain what a pixel is. A pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. Let’s take Facebook pixel for instance. Once you’ve set up the Facebook pixel, the pixel will fire when someone takes an action on your website. Examples of actions include adding an item to their shopping cart or making a purchase. The pixel receives these actions, or events, which you can view on your Facebook pixel page in Events Manager. From there, you’ll be able to see the actions that your customers take. You’ll also have options to reach those customers again through future Facebook ads.

 BitsyLinks has this awesome feature built in to your link where you can track your pixels and target the audience that reacted to your campaign. You can target these audiences in similar future campaigns.

Build Custom Audience Using Pixels
Tracking Pixels

Reduce SMS Marketing Cost

SMS marketing is also a great marketing strategy. You can directly send your advertisement to the phone on your audience and they can click to open from their mobile. But most SMS marketing companies charge on the size of your SMS. So it is crucial that you shorten your link before sending it to your customers. Moreover, a shortened link looks far less suspicious than the normal long link you have.

Now really, which of the below SMS is better?

Reduce SMS Marketing Cost
Reduce SMS Marketing Cost

Custom Branded links using URL Shorteners

Using the link shortener BitsyLinks, there are 2 ways to customize your links. Not only it makes your links shortener, but you can add custom words to show the people a description of the link. You did not get me? Let’s dive in right into a live example. Below is a link from our amazon product. Both below links are the same link, but you can see that I added custom words in the link indicating that it is aamazon link.

Custom Branded links using URL Shorteners

This is easily done using BitsyLinks service. Just go to the link shortener page and add your custom words in the custom Alias. It is that simple.

Custom Branded links using URL Shorteners 1

Use Your Own Domain !!!!

Unlike other url shortener services that forces you to use there domain in the shortened URL in BitsyLinks we allow you to use your custom domain to shorten your links. So you will be using your own business domain in your links which will make your customers feel more safe and you will be expanding your own domain.

custom domain

Extra Features in BitsyLinks

There is a lot other features in our tool explore them

  • Unlimited URLs allowed
  • Unlimited Clicks per month
  • Geotargeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Custom Splash Pages
  • Custom Overlay Pages
  • Unlimited Event Tracking
  • Unlimited Team Member
  • Bundles & Link Rotator
  • Custom Aliases
  • Export Data
  • Developer API
  • URL Customization

Price Comparison!!!!!

Company NameBasic PlanePremium Plan
Bitly$29/month(only  1,500 links)$199/month(only 3,000 links)
Rebrandly$29 /month (only  5,000 links)$69 /month(only 15,000 links)
t2mio$10/monthly(only  5,000 links)$29.99/monthly(only 25,000 links)
BitsyLinks$6.99/MOnthly (Unlimited links allowed)$9.99/MOnthly(Unlimited links allowed)

Details of our plans:

 Silver ($6.99/MO)Gold($9.99/MO)
 Premium FeaturesPremium Features
 Unlimited URLs allowedUnlimited URLs allowed
 Unlimited Clicks per monthUnlimited Clicks per month
 Device TargetingDevice Targeting
 20 Custom Splash PagesUnlimited Custom Splash Pages
 20 Custom Overlay PagesUnlimited Custom Overlay Pages
 20 Event TrackingUnlimited Event Tracking
 3 Team MemberUnlimited Team Member
 1 Custom DomainsUnlimited Custom Domains
 Bundles & Link RotatorBundles & Link Rotator
 Custom AliasesCustom Aliases
 Export DataExport Data
 URL CustomizationDeveloper API
 7-Day Free TrialURL Customization
  7-Day Free Trial